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January 14, 2024

Entry 4: 1/14/2024

Well the energy is really picking up in New Hampshire. Crowds are building and it should be pandemonium once the Republicans and the National Media flies in from Iowa.

While Dean Phillips is out meeting voters, the pro-Biden Super PAC is spending like crazy .

One of their buys is the websites of daily New Hampshire newspapers. A lot of folks get their news off websites instead of the physical paper. Same is true for WMUR’s website. Gave us flashbacks of 2016.

It's a strategy for really dialing-in on voters. We remember in 2016 doing full ad takeovers of daily paper websites in the days leading up to the first contest in that year. 

Now that we’re taking this trip down memory lane, we also used to track absentee requests and reach out to folks.

This of course, is to supplement TV, which is still king.

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