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Welcome to our Dean24 campaign musings. This is your source for what is going on on the campaign and behind the scenes. We intend to update this regularly so check back with us as we go. You are definitely going to find information here that you won't read in the media (But, you never know, a few media folks may even be lurking here too). We hope it will be informative for folks who are already with Dean, for those looking to find out more about Dean's campaign, and for political junkies who just like some interesting nuggets about how things really work.  

Entry 5: 1/17/2024

Wow! The airwaves are full of ads in the lead up to the New Hampshire primary. Exciting to see the race heat up.

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Entry 4: 1/14/2024

Well the energy is really picking up in New Hampshire. Crowds are building and it should be pandemonium once the Republicans and the National Media flies in from Iowa.

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Entry 3: 1/6/2023

Got this from our pollster – figured it was fun to share some new info we’ve gathered regarding the importance of TV in this upcoming race:

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Entry 2: 1/3/24

Seems like the campaigns in New Hampshire are really heating up on the Republican side in the new year.

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Entry 1: 12/30/23

Since this is our first entry we will cover a few items and then backfill a bit over the next week or so while we also give you what's new in Dean Phillips World...

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