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January 6, 2024

Entry 3: 1/6/2023

Got this from our pollster – figured it was fun to share some new info we’ve gathered regarding the importance of TV in this upcoming race:

Right now, 62% of Dean's vote is coming from those who have seen/heard something favorable about him of late...and ID TV as the source.

Just 19% of Dean's vote is coming from those who've seen/heard something favorable...and point to the Internet as the source.

An identical proportion--19%--of Dean's vote is coming from those who've seen/heard something, but ID another source (podcasts, word-of-mouth, print, etc) 

Also, just 10% of voters who point to TV as their source of positive Dean info are under age 50. By contrast, 42% of those who point to the Internet are under 50.

There is little indication that younger voters will turnout for any of the candidates. Or in other words… the composition of the TV group (far) more closely resembles the electorate that will show up.

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