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January 11, 2024

Dean Phillips Condemns Bullying of New Hampshire by Biden's DNC

NH Dem Chair says loss of first-in-the-nation primary tied to state's past support for Bernie Sanders

Manchester, NH – Dean Phillips today condemned the effort by Joe Biden and his allies to subvert the Democratic Presidential Primary process. As reported, New Hamshire Democratic Chair Ray Buckley tied efforts by Biden's DNC to strip New Hampshire of its century-old first-in-the-nation primary to the state's past support of Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020.

“It’s not a secret that the establishment was very angry with New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders winning in 2016 and 2020,” Mr. Buckley said to the New York Times. “I think you’ll see a response from the progressive community across the country.

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips was quick to criticize this underhanded move: "It is wrong of Joe Biden's DNC to punish New Hamshire for supporting Bernie Sanders. How can we criticize Trump for carrying out political vendettas when Joe Biden's allies are punishing New Hampshire because he came in 5th place in the Granite State? This bullying of New Hampshire has got to stop."

Buckley's statement is the latest evidence of anti-democratic tactics this election cycle by Joe Biden and his allies in the DNC and state parties across the country.

As widely reported, Biden and his allies are keeping challengers off the ballot, actively suppressing the vote in New Hampshire, refusing to hold debates, and gerrymandering the primary schedule. 

One of Biden's chief allies admitted changing the primary schedule to avoid embarrassment, which included the attempt to strip New Hampshire of its first-in-the-nation primary. Buckley's comments add additional context that the President is not just seeking to avoid embarrassment but is actively punishing states that didn't support him. The New Hampshire Department of Justice has issued a cease and desist letter to the DNC insisting that they stop their voter suppression efforts. 

Amid this suppression, the two most recent New Hampshire polls today have Rep. Dean Phillips at 16% and 26%, reflecting the upward momentum of the campaign, and the desire to fight against the forces seeking to disenfranchise voters in the state.

About Dean Phillips:

Dean Phillips is a third-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for president because our economy is unaffordable, and it’s time for change. He is a strong and independent voice of reason, focusing on bringing relief to Americans with affordable economic solutions, repairing our broken government, and reimagining a future that doesn’t repeat the same mistakes of the past 50 years. As one of the top ranked bipartisan Congressmen over the last six years, Dean Phillips is determined to take an inclusive, problem-solving, and collaborative approach to legislation that propels America forward to its next generation of leadership.

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