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January 10, 2024

Rep. Dean Phillips Announces Plan to Fight Economic Inequality; Backs UBI Pilots, Paid Family Leave, and American Dream Accounts

Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips releases another pillar of his Affordable America Plan, raising the Federal minimum wage and providing more economic support to Americans.

Manchester, NH – Today, presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips announced his policy plan to address the failures of Bidenomics and other economic agendas that left Americans struggling to afford their basic necessities.    

“Despite whatever the latest headlines say about GDP and the stock market, the reality for most Americans is that the economy isn’t working for them as they struggle to afford food and necessities in the wake of years of inflation,” said Rep. Dean Phillips. “An economic agenda that leaves all but the upper class struggling to put food on the table or afford an unexpected $500 bill is an agenda that is failing Americans. As President, I plan to ensure that we pull all the levers possible in government to lower costs and give Americans an economic foundation to build their lives.”

Rep. Phillips’s plan includes:

  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

  • Increasing antitrust enforcement to end the monopolistic practices that allow companies to price gouge Americans for even basic goods.

  • Backing a UBI pilot to help lift the floor for Americans in the zip codes that need it most.

  • Strengthening Social Security so that it doesn’t run out for future generations and so that our current retirees can better thrive in their golden years.

  • Renewing the expired Child Tax Credit to cut childhood poverty nearly in half.

  • Establishing American Dream Accounts which would give every American child $1000 at the start of life invested in our market and an additional $500 a year until they’re 18 to give them a foundation for starting their adult lives.

  • Creating a federal Paid Family Leave and Sick Leave Policy to bring American workers the same rights that nearly every industrialized nation has.

This is the fourth pillar of Dean Phillips’s Affordability Plan. He previously outlined his commitment to Medicare for All, affordable housing and ending homelessness, as well as tuition-free public college/vocational schools and zero interest student loans while campaigning in New Hampshire.

The full plan details can be accessed on the campaign website:


About Dean Phillips:

Dean Phillips is a third-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for president because our economy is unaffordable, and it’s time for change. He is a strong and independent voice of reason, focusing on bringing relief to Americans with affordable economic solutions, repairing our broken government, and reimagining a future that doesn’t repeat the same mistakes of the past 50 years. As one of the top ranked bipartisan Congressmen over the last six years, Dean Phillips is determined to take an inclusive, problem-solving, and collaborative approach to legislation that propels America forward to its next generation of leadership.

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