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January 9, 2024

Rep. Dean Phillips Vows to Build 7 Million New Homes – “We Must End Homelessness Crisis”

Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips releases another pillar of his Affordable America Plan, ensuring every American has a home.

Manchester, NH – Today, presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips announced his policy plan to address the affordable housing and homelessness crisis in America, including plans to build 7 million new houses to make sure every American has access to a home.    

“Every night, hundreds of thousands of Americans experience homelessness in cities and suburbs across our nation,” said Rep. Dean Phillips. “Millions more Americans are struggling to pay ballooning rents, and so many young people have given up on the American Dream of ever owning a home. As President, my priority is creating a more affordable America, and that can only happen if we address our housing crisis.”

Rep. Phillips’s plan includes:

  • Building 7 million new homes to help bolster the housing supply in America.

  • Changing zoning laws to encourage more affordable housing in the areas that need it most.

  • Focusing on sustainable housing and innovative home building to address the climate needs inherent to the housing market.

  • Increasing access to financing for those purchasing a home and providing protections for renters to ensure their homes remain affordable.

  • Ensuring all veterans have access to homes and guaranteeing mental health and disability support for all Americans who need it.

Rep. Phillips announced this policy outside Liberty House, a safe haven for veterans experiencing homelessness or struggling with addiction. 

This is the third pillar of Dean Phillips’s Affordability Plan. He previously outlined his commitment to Medicare for All as well as tuition-free public college/vocational schools and zero interest student loans while campaigning in New Hampshire.

The full plan details can be accessed on the campaign website:

About Dean Phillips:

Dean Phillips is a third-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for president because our economy is unaffordable, and it’s time for change. He is a strong and independent voice of reason, focusing on bringing relief to Americans with affordable economic solutions, repairing our broken government, and reimagining a future that doesn’t repeat the same mistakes of the past 50 years. As one of the top ranked bipartisan Congressmen over the last six years, Dean Phillips is determined to take an inclusive, problem-solving, and collaborative approach to legislation that propels America forward to its next generation of leadership.

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