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December 6, 2023

Number of Dem States Suppressing Vote Grows

North Carolina Democratic Party becomes latest state to push for coronation over competition after submitting only President Biden for state primary ballot

Manchester, NH – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party became the latest state party to submit only Joe Biden's name for inclusion on its presidential primary ballot. The North Carolina party included over a dozen candidates on their 2020 ballot, but has proactively eliminated a competitive primary in 2024.

This decision follows the announcement by the Florida Democratic Party that they were only submitting Joe Biden’s name for the presidential primary, resulting in a complete cancellation of the presidential primary election.

Rep. Phillips issued the following statement:

“It is tragic to witness fundamental American democracy under attack not just from far-right MAGA Republicans, but the very establishment of our own Democratic Party, of which I have been a passionate supporter my entire adult life.

“In the past week, two states’ Democratic Parties have unilaterally canceled their competitive 2024 primary elections and declared one candidate the victor - without allowing Democrats to select their choice.

“For reasons that remain as inexplicable as they are dangerous, a handful of people effectively voted for about 5 million Democrats in Florida and about 2.5 million in North Carolina - and decided Joe Biden won without anyone casting a single ballot.

“Rather than practicing democracy, they have attacked it with pens rather than punches - and set a dangerous precedent for America’s future.

“The Quinnipiac Poll published on November 15, 2023 demonstrated that 58% of Democrats and 72% of Independents are demanding alternatives, and only 3% of all American voters say they trust our government all the time.

“I wonder why?

“Unilaterally taking away the right of rank and file Democrats, including a disproportionate number of Black voters demanding a more affordable America, is reprehensible. If Joe Biden is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump and lead us to a safer, more affordable future, let him compete for that privilege without his supporters suppressing and disenfranchising millions of voters.

“As a sitting member of Congress, former member of House Democratic Leadership with millions of supporters nationwide, and on pace to be on the ballot in 45 states, including Texas and Michigan, being kept off the ballot in North Carolina and Florida is evidence that the Washington establishment wants a coronation, not a competition, and our country deserves someone with the courage to combat this hypocritical, inexcusable, and dangerous corruption.”

About Dean Phillips:

Dean Phillips is a third-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for president because our economy is unaffordable, and it’s time for change. He is a strong and independent voice of reason, focusing on bringing relief to Americans with affordable economic solutions, repairing our broken government, and reimagining a future that doesn’t repeat the same mistakes of the past 50 years. As one of the top ranked bipartisan Congressmen over the last six years, Dean Phillips is determined to take an inclusive, problem-solving, and collaborative approach to legislation that propels America forward to its next generation of leadership.

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