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Democratic Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips

America is ready for a new generation of leaders. Leaders with the courage to speak the truth. Leaders who know that America’s best days are ahead. Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips is running for President. It’s time for change – and to create a more affordable America.

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Meet Dean Phillips, Democrat for President


Congressman Dean Phillips, Democratic Candidate for President

Who is Dean Phillips?

Dean Phillips is a three-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for President on a platform of relieving the economic hardship felt by working families, repairing our broken political system, and reimagining the solutions to the most intractable problems plaguing our society.

Born in St. Paul and raised in Minneapolis, Dean Phillips lost his birth father Artie in the Vietnam War. He was adopted at a young age into the Phillips family when his mother DeeDee married Eddie Phillips. He worked his way up at his family’s business Phillips Distilling and later went on to help build Talenti Gelato into a top national brand.

After Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, Dean ran for Congress in Minnesota’s 3rd District, flipping the district by 11 points as the first Democrat to win the suburban Minneapolis district in 60 years.

In Congress, Dean established his reputation as a problem solver and broke through partisan gridlock by making it a core mission to work across the aisle with Republican colleagues. He’s been recognized as the 2nd most bipartisan member of Congress, and has held leadership positions on the MENACA Subcommittee, the Small Business Committee, and Democratic Policy Communications Committee. While he worked across the aisle he never abandoned his principles, maintaining a 100% Democratic voting record.

Dean is the only member out of 535 who refuses all PAC money, lobbyist money, doesn’t give money to or receive money from other members of Congress, and doesn’t have a leadership PAC. He strongly believes we need to keep money out of politics and leads by example.

He is a fifth-generation Minnesotan, the husband of Annalise Phillips, and the father of two remarkable daughters.

Dean’s Vision

Dean is running for president because America is unaffordable, and we need to do something about it.

Dean’s plan is to create an affordable America that brings us peace at home and abroad:

  • Building millions of new houses and apartments people can afford

  • Banning drug companies from charging Americans more than they charge in other countries

  • Providing affordable healthcare through Medicare For All, while preserving choice

  • Stopping the big corporations from gouging consumers of food and fuel

  • Providing tuition free college and vocational training and zero interest student loans.

  • Restoring the expanded Child Tax Credit

  • Creating an affordable child care system

  • Raising pay to a living wage for hard-working Americans in every zip code

Leadership in Washington has been doing the same thing for nearly 50 years, while life gets worse for everyday Americans. It is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leadership that anticipates the problems of the 21st century and beyond, and has the courage to stand up for working class Americans.

That’s the Dean Difference. And he’s running for President to get it done.

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